Preparation Checklist

Our inflatable bouncers, games, and water slides are a big hit at parties and special events; however, they are very large and very heavy. It is especially important to take the size of the items into account when deciding where to set it up. Please take note of the following considerations when deciding on which inflatable to rent and where you will place it.

We provide these requirements to ensure you have an enjoyable and SAFE jumpin’ good time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please note: Our bouncers start at 15-feet x 15-feet and are 20 feet tall. Some are much larger. We will provide dimensions when you place your order.

  • Please provide at least an extra 5 feet on each side with 15 additional feet of clearance from tree branches and other obstructions for the bounce house. This will create an open space around the bounce house for safety and to protect our equipment. We will not set up any items under or near any electrical or telephone wires. Bouncers cannot be placed near a swimming pool.
  • Make sure there are no underground irrigation pipes and/or buried telephone cables or electric lines close to the perimeter of the bounce site. We will use 12-inch stakes to secure the bounce house at all corners and along the sides.
  • Clear the site of all sharp sticks, animal waste, large rocks and other large debris. If animal waste must be removed, please cover the spot to protect our equipment from residue. On hard surfaces like driveways or parking lots, please sweep the area clean.
  • The bounce site should be relatively level. No more than a 6 inch slope per 10 feet.
  • A standard 110 watt outlet within 100 feet is required for operation. It is best that the outlet not be shared with other large equipment.
  • Please be present at the time of delivery. Make sure a clear path of at least 3 feet wide is available for delivery of the bounce house. If curbs, steps or stairs need to be negotiated, we will require the renter’s assistance for delivery.
  • Captain Carnival reserves the right to refuse rental if we deem the area to be unsafe or likely to damage or soil our equipment.